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Alto Paraíso - Goiás // Projeto Modelo

The city of Alto Paraíso, in the state of Goiás, attracts tourists from around the world for its natural beauty and a mood of tranquility. With good infrastructure, the city has hotels, inns, fine restaurants, esoteric shops and a unique atmosphere of visions of unidentified flying objects reported. The beautiful place starry sky refers to several stories of mysterious lights views.

Located 240 kilometers from Brasília, the city's main attraction is the Parque Nacional Chapada dos Veadeiros (National Park), with beautiful waterfalls and trails that vary according to the time of the year. During the rainy season the biggest attractions of the park are the waterfalls of Garimpão and the Salto do Rio Preto (Black River Jump), Carioquinhas, Cânios I and II, Trilha da Siriema (track) and Cachoeira Sete Quedas (Seven Falls waterfall).

See below other ecotourism attractions in the region:

Vale da Lua (Moon Valley)

The Vale da Lua (Moon Valley) is an unusual geological formation with shapes that resemble lunar craters. Open to visitors year-round, the route from the city to the Vale da Lua waterfall can be done in ordinary cars and even by bike, as the road has bike path that connects Alto Paraíso to Vila de São Jorge, a village 34 km from Alto Paraiso, but still part of the municipality.

Cachoeira das Loquinhas  (Loquinhas Waterfall)

Easily accessible by a short walk, with good wooden structure throughout the trail with stairs and handrail. The Cachoeira das Loquinhas can be visited anytime of the year. It has crystal clear water and is a place full of life. Great choice for Bird Waching as well as seeing little monkeys, fish, dragonflies and various insects of the Cerrado Biome.

Cachoeiras Almécegas I and II and São Bento

The waterfalls of Almécegas are located at Fazenda São Bento (farm), just 9km from the city. The journey to the farm has a good bike lane. With trails of easy access and more advanced level, the site also features Canopy structure, Zip Line and Rappel.

Alto Paraíso has tour operators and many tourist bilingual guides. After the tours, enjoy getting to know the friendly city shops and buy crystals and esoteric souvenirs. Also enjoy the dining options the city offers.

Alto Paraíso is undoubtedly a great tour option for those who live in Brasilia.

THE GUIDE informs below some choices of lodging in Alto Paraíso:






Pousada MAKTUB
Pousada MAKTUB


Pousada Casa Rosa
Pousada Cada Rosa


Pousada Fazenda São Bento
Pousada Fazenda São Bento

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