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Marília Mendonça and Maiara & Maraísa

The queens of the so-called "sofrência" are in Brasília to present a must-see concert. The event "Festa das Patroas" brings together the most popular country music female singers in Brazil: Marília Mendonça and Maiara & Maraísa.

The music is known as "sofrência" because the artists sing about heartbreaks. The concert features a set list with the greatest hits of Marília Mendonça and Maiara & Maraísa.

DJ Dennis is also in the line up, and will present his classic mix of funk, sertanejo and electronic music.


Venue: Arena lounge do Estádio Mané Garrincha
Where: Eixo Monumental Avenue, next to TV Tower
When: Saturday, December 16, from 10 pm
Price: Dance Floor - R$ 100,00 and R$ 50,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)/ Backstage - R$ 200,00 and R$ 100,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)/ VIP - R$ 400,00 and R$ 200,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)
Rating: 16

Roger Waters in Brasília

Roger Waters will be coming to Brazil in October 2018 with his "Us + Them" tour. The former Pink Floyd leader will perform seven concerts in the country: São Paulo (October 9), Brasilia (October 13), Salvador (October 17), Belo Horizonte (October 21), Rio de Janeiro (October 24), Curitiba (October 27) and Porto Alegre (Ocotber 30).

This new worldwide tour features a mix of the musician's solo career with the songs of his years on Pink Floyd. According to the singer, 80% of the show will be of old materials and 20% of new songs.

"Wish You Were Here", "The Wall", "Animals" and "Dark Side of The Moon" are guaranteed in the repertoire.


Venue: Estádio Mané Garrincha (Mané Garrincha Stadium)
Where: SRPN - Setor Recreativo Parque Norte, Eixo Monumental Avenue (next to TV Tower)
When: October 13, 2018
Price: Regular: R$ 240,00 and R$ 120,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)/ VIP: R$ 720,00 and R$ 360,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)
Rating: To be announced

Clube do Choro presents project about Chorinho in Brazil

The Clube do Choro Club will hold this November and December 2017 the project BRASIL DE TODOS OS CHOROS - ORIGENS, SOTAQUES, ENCONTROS E CAMINHOS (Brasil of all choros – origins, accent, encounters and ways), an unprecedented mapping of the different styles of Choro (or chorinho) in each region of the country, with their stories, influences and peculiarities.

Representative artists of the genre will give lectures, workshops and shows about the characteristics of Choro in their home states, in an organic and systematized approach of a content that until today has been object of only empirical knowledge.

The artists are: the guitarist Sebastião Tapajós (Pará), the maestro and saxophonist Spock (Pernambuco), the bandolinist Armandinho Macedo (Bahia), the guitarist Maurício Carrilho, with special participation of the clarinetist Paulo Sergio Santos (Rio de Janeiro), the pianist Wagner Tiso (Minas Gerais), the bandolinist Danilo Brito (São Paulo) and Professor Luiz Machado, from Rio Grande do Sul. The project will also have the special participation of the guitarist Henrique Neto and the Dudu Maia, from the Federal District.

The purpose of Clube do Choro is to democratize for students and the general public the musical knowledge of Brazil, through the workshops; to bring the reality of Choro in each of the invited states through the lectures; and present the Choro accents of each of the regions, through the spectacles. In addition to raising the story of Choro throughout the country, the project will also be a reaffirmation of the strength and creativity of this seminal genre of Brazilian Popular Music - MPB that is going on for almost 150 years.

The project BRASIL DE TODOS OS CHOROS - ORIGENS, SOTAQUES, ENCONTROS E CAMINHOS (Brasil of all choros – origins, accent, encounters and ways) will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from November 21 to December 22, 2017, and will be open to the participation of musicians, students, researchers, journalists and the community brasiliense in general. The workshops (from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) and lectures (from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) will be free.

Participants will pay half-admission (R$ 20.00) for shows that will take place from 8pm. Registration can be made at the secretariat of the Espaço Cultural do Choro (Cultural Space of Choro), which works next to the Club - Information: (61) 3225-1199 and (61) 3226-3969.