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Argentine stage play "Te amo con locura" (Love you wildly)

The Argentine stage play "Te amo con locura" (Love you wildly) comes to Brasília for two free presentations on December 15 and 16 at Teatro Dulcina.

"Te amo con locura" (Love you wildly) is a gay-themed drama by the Argentinean group Kebebasan with co-production of Cia Fábrica de Teatro. The stage play, directed by the Venezuelan Orlando Alfonzo, shows the desperate attempt of a man who kidnaps his best friend to reveal a passion hidden by him.

It is the first time that the group comes to Brazil with the spectacle."Te amo con locura" (Love you wildly) is in Brasília as part of the 26th Mostra Dulcina and has local production by Fábrica de Teatro (Theater Factory).

The stage play will be presented in Spanish and at the end of the sessions there will be debate on the issue of the LGBT theme chosen by the group as well as on conceptual and aesthetic issues adopted by the director and the team.


Venue: Teatro Dulcina
Where: Setor de Diversões Sul, Bloco C, CONIC
When: Friday, December 15 and Saturday, December 16, at 9 pm
Price: Free Admission
Rating: 12

Stage play Cabeça (Head)

After the acclaimed debut of the musical "Contra Vento" , which revisited Tropicália and the 1960s, theater group Complexo Duplo dive into the memories and legacy of the 1980s and Brazil's effervescent rock 'n roll scene in the stage play "Cabeça" (Head), spectacle that celebrates the 30 years of the iconic album "Cabeça de Dinossauro".

"Cabeça" (Head) was conceived from the songs of the mentioned album and its strong political positioning on issues like the State (Police, State Violence), religion (Church), capital (Debts and Primate Man) or supposed traditional family (Family).

The themes are seen from Brazil's perspective of 1986, just after the dictatorship, and the current turbulent political times, revealing a strong pertinence and timeliness of the themes.

Venue: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB)
Where: Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul, Trecho 2, Asa Sul
When: December 20 to December 30. Wednesday to Saturday, at 8 pm
Price: R$ 20,00 and R$ 10,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)
Rating: 16
Information: (61) 3108-7600

Stage play Apartamento 403 (Apartment 403)

An apartment under construction on any given afternoon. A family reunited. A stray bullet. Apartment 403 is a satire to violence in our daily lives.

The combination of social neurosis, constant vigilance, and paranoia seems to pave the way for justifiable crimes, unshakable certainties, and moral disasters hidden in good deeds.

The spectacle also reveals human behavior and its idiosyncrasies. With much irony and delirious humor, the text presents human beings in deep displeasure with other human beings, exercising the terrible belief that the other is an enemy to be slaughtered before it kills us.


Venue: Teatro Dulcina de Moraes
Where: SDS, Conic, Bloco C
When: From December 13 to December 19, at 9 pm
Price: Free Admission, tickets must be taken before the stage play.
Rating: 16

The musical Tropicália aos Demais (Tropicália to the others)

The musical that honors the Tropicalist movement with its aesthetics and music that won the world in the voices and attitudes of its ambassadors Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, "Tropicália ao Demais" (Tropicália to the others) comes to Brasília to celebrate 50 years of movement.

To revive the Tropicalist Movement, which celebrated its 50th anniversary between 2017 and 2018, artists from different languages ​​and professionals from different areas gathered to create an assembly that combines music and theater. The show debuted successfully at the beginning of November.

The program of this event begins at 5pm with the exhibition "Poema em Cartaz" (Poem in Poster) by the poet Robson Anderson and the designer Claudio Fontana, which brings works inspired by Tropicália and daily life. At 6h30 pm there will be a short film about Tropicália and at 7 pm the musical starts.

All this programming will provide the audience an experience of travelling in time and entering the extroverted and irreverent climate of this movement.


Venue: Museu Nacional dos Correios
Where: Setor Comercial Sul, Quadra 4, Bloco A - Asa Sul
When: December 15 and 16, at 5h30 pm
Price: 20,00 and R$ 10,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)
Rating: Free

Stage play Entre Quartos (Between Bedrooms)

Closing the 2017 season of project Teatro Bar (the Bar Theater), the Tripé Group returns to the stage with "Entre Quartos" (Between Bedrooms).

The group will present an adapted version of the stage play made specially for the project, which will feature the encounter of several actors of the city who were already part of the cast of the play. In this version, Ana Quintas, Bruna Martini, Gustavo Haeser, João Pedreira and Zé Reis are part of the cast. 

The plot follows three young people who have left their homes to live together, but things start to get complicated. Romance, jealousy, solitude, monogamy and bisexuality are part of the lives of these young Brazilians. Discontent and rebellion make them consider past, present, and future. "Entre Quartos" (Between Bedrooms) presents an intimate look of the youth and their problems.

Venue: Espaço Canteiro Central
Where: Setor Comercial Sul, Quadra 3, Bloco A - Asa Sul
When: Tuesday, December 12, from 7 pm to 10 pm
Price: R$ 20,00 and R$ 10,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)
Rating: 16
Information: (61) 99252-2216