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Coaching is a collaborative work in which the Professional Coach supports you through an inspiring but structured process, to expand wellness and achieve defined goals. It is effective for the development of human skills, with positive impact in several areas including relationships and performance.

In moments of great change, Coaching can be the support one needs to accelerate its adaptation to new realities and the new demands of that moment of life.

Coaching is also a good option to increase self-awareness and the recognition of characteristics, talents and barriers. The more you know yourself, the better you will use your talent to achieve your life goals. But if you already know what you want but do not know how to get there, the Professional Coach can help you analyze and explore possibilities and weigh on the best choices.

The coach should be a professional with experience and good references of his / her service; must be ethical, responsible and able to effectively support you when you are facing changes in your life.

Born in Taiwan, Ms. Wang Ching has been living in Brazil since she was 7 years old. Ms. Wang Ching speaks Portuguese and English fluently. She communicates well orally in Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Created in a traditional family and having traveled extensively in Brazil and abroad, she has developed empathy, good communication and flexibility to deal with people from different backgrounds and customs. Ms. Wang Ching gained experience in dealing with gender issues, generations conflicts, language barriers and culture.

Professionally, she worked in several companies in her 25 years of career. In October 2011, Ms. Wang Ching opened his Coaching company and since then she has accumulated more than 1,650 hours in various services.



Individual and Group Coaching in Portuguese and English.

Training in Portuguese and English.

Lectures in Portuguese and English.


Wang Ching

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