Since 2012, a group of women entrepreneurs meets every month to build partnerships, publicize their companies and get to know one another's work. The experience of this group has helped many women to strengthen their professional lives.


In addition to creating a business network, the Grupo Mulheres de Sucesso (Women of Success Group) also has the social responsibility to the support the Chamaeleon Institute (, which helps children and teenagers victims of sexual abuse and their families. The institute also supports women victims of marital violence. The social responsibility is the greater differential of the group.


At each meeting new enterprising women arrive and business and partnerships grow. Today we are 210 women in the path of success and looking for new challenges.


See some of our partners below:


Vinotage - Vinoterapia


The facial and body Vinotherapy is a treatment developed with the polyphenols of the grape, which offers a delicate alternative to invigorate, refresh, relax and rejuvenate all types of skin. 



In addition to acting as great free radical combatants, the cosmetic assets made from pure and natural raw materials detoxify the cells, have draining and nourishing properties, revitalize and maintain a healthy skin.

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Mansani Arte Design

 Eliane Mansani is a restless woman who in 1990 changed the city of Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, by Cristalina, in Goiás, and quickly fell in love with the beautiful genuinely Brazilian natural stones, extracted from the rocks.



The attentive and transformative work of designer Eliane Mansani gives movement, harmony and the nature forms to her jewels. Mrs. Mansani handmade pieces are sophisticated, contemporary, comfortable, unique and exclusive.




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Andréa Home Decor

Andréa Home Decor is a company that for 12 years takes seriously the art of decorating, orienting its clients in luxurious receptions and offering the guests cozy and sophisticated environments.

Our main goal is to convey respect and love for the work we do; and what better way to do it than doing what we love, right? Come visit us and get a consultation in our collaborative space in Sudoeste and stay tuned in the news of the decoration world.

Call us - 61 998387848 - and consult the best decoration team in Brasilia.


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Estilo Iéia


Estilo Iéia was born as a delightful activity developed with passion and dedication, which soon brought about recognition and public interest for the products developed and ended up becoming a business.

The company opts for high quality materials and non-aggressive inputs to nature, always mindful of the effects of essential oils and harmonizing environments, maintaining a continued study of aromacologia - the science that maps and concludes on the areas of the brain activated by different aromas - especially for believing in the positive impact of aromas in its natural environments.

Although the Estilo Iéia has retail lines, one of our main products are personalized, personal and for business, which go through a process of careful creation through family and olfactory notes.

We instruct our clients on the power of the olfactory families that characterize the dominant notes in the developed aromas and and selection of notes of a new aroma, we prefer the effectiveness of the blind test method, reducing the chances of induction or suggestion of the notes to be selected.

Exclusive scents are offered for brands, shops, designer labels and on demand.

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Simples Assim


Simples Assim is a company specialized in organization with a team of Personal Organizers. The profession of Personal Organizer is still a complex job in our society and so we will help you to better understand about this profession specialized in organizing places and training teams.

With the everyday routine, people have had less time to keep things in order and this goes from the household chores to their work environment. In recent times is essential to have the help of a professional who can help you optimize the organization of the place you live in and the training of a staff to advise you with quality.

One of the main functions of Personal Organizer is to give new life to the places, it is up to the PO to organize and guide your client or employees in each stage of the work and the importance of policing and maintaining order.

Get in contact and come visit the best PO team of Brasília (61) 99977-5371

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