Founded in 1986, at the Fazenda Posse, municipality of Alto Paraíso, ESCOLA FRANCISQUINHO now has its own headquarters at Avenida João Bernardes Rabelo, s/n, Bloco 12 AMP VII - Setor Novo Horizonte - Alto Paraíso de Goiás (GO), with recognition by the Secretary of Education of Goiás, where it develops its activities. It serves approximately 130 children, from Kindergarten to 3rd year of Elementary School, free of charge, full time, providing education, 5 meals a day, plus more than 80 meals for family members, children who only attend workshops and people in need in the community in a daily basis.


It also offers the children of the school and the community, computer activities, arts and music education, especially with the help of volunteer teachers. Currently, Professor Cristiano A. Muniz is the director and pedagogical coordinator of ESCOLA FRANCISQUINHO.


Director and pedagogical coordinator: Prof. Dr. Cristiano Alberto Muniz


ESCOLA FRANCISQUINHO is in need for renovations and adaptations of its current facilities to suit all children appropriately. The building houses four classrooms, a room for music and computer education, a female bathroom and a men's room (which need to be fitted with sinks and toilets), a kitchen (where meals are prepared on a wood stove), a small room for administration and storage of materials. Meals are served in the outdoor area on an open porch, and the construction of a cafeteria is urgently needed.

Escola Francisquinho has special decorated rooms to receive children victims of violence.



In addition to the cafeteria, the school needs a library / reading room and a playground for children from 1.5 years old to 3 years old and from 4 to 10 years old.

Please get in touch with Escola Francisquinho and get to know how your embassy can help this beautiful social project.

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Telephone: 62 3446-2121

Address: Avenida João Bernardes Rabelo, s/n, Bloco 12 AMP VII - Setor Novo Horizonte - Alto Paraíso de Goiás - Goiás