Dear friends from the Diplomatic Corps,

The year 2017 was a year of many important events on the world diplomatic scene. Unfortunately many conflicts in the world have not yet been resolved and the challenge of achieving justice and well-being for all is still a dream.

In Brazil, 2017 continued to be a year of strong legal action against organized crime. Major national political figures, including the president of the republic, were exposed in dizzying scandals of corruption. The Brazilian population welcomes the arrest of several corrupt people, but it is still waiting for more. There is concern with the work of public men striving to allow the impunity of criminals, demonstrating that organized crime has tentacles in many areas of the Republic.

For the year of 2018 we hope that kindness, respect, fraternity and justice will grow in all nations. If everyone do their part, this future may be possible.

We at THE GUIDE believe that Brazil has a solution and it goes through a real political renewal, in which criminal organizations in the form of political parties are effectively banned from power. New options for politicians will be presented in this new year and the Brazilian population should give the appropriate response to those who work against the country's progress.

This new year will undoubtedly be a year of great achievements between our company and the community of embassies and international organizations in Brasilia. Among the novelties is the inauguration of our new office in the Lago Sul district of Brasilia. Our new facilities at QI 09 will allow rapid access not only to diplomats but also to their family members to receive bilingual services that will include relocation and consultancy on many services. We will also organize social and tourist events, which include parties, sports tournaments and trips to cities near Brasilia. 

Anyway, we are hoping that this year of 2018 will be a wonderful year. And if it depends on our team, it will be.

Happy 2018 !!!

Yours sincerely,

Pedro Paulo Moreira
President Director
THE GUIDE Business Consultancy