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Dear friends of the Diplomatic Corps,

The year 2016 was a busy year in Brazil. We have had strong changes in areas that integrate politics, economics, education and relations in the labor area. The year was also marked by happy events like the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and sad events like the tragedy with Chapecoense football team.

In 2017, however, we have strong expectations about the world political and economic scenario. We also hope that the strong crisis that has been growing for years in Brazil will lose its strength and begin to shrink.

And with the hope of better days, we started the year in the process of finalizing our new layout and digital platforms. In 2017 we want to return to hold events that were examples of fraternization and union between embassies, such as our parties, boat trips and sports tournaments. At these events, we plan to include trips to cities not only in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais, but also famous Brazilian tourist destinations, such as Maceió in the state of Alagoas and Búzios in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Starting in February, we will return our coverage of diplomatic events and announce new projects and partner companies, always seeking quality products and services for the foreign community in Brasilia.

Let us all together make 2017 a year of joy, achievement and union!

Yours sincerely,

Pedro Paulo Moreira
THE GUIDE Business Consultancy