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Dear friends of the diplomatic corps,


I always try to leave here a positive message of optimism and hope for better days for all. I avoid talking about the problems that arise every week in the politics and institutional order of Brazil. Unfortunately the moment of political insecurity has reached such a point that I will not allow myself to be silent on this issue.


Corruption and other crimes involving the ruling class of the country continue to occur in Brazil and more politicians and businessmen are involved in this sea of ​​mud that delays the development of the country.


The recent exposure of recorded conversation between the president of the republic and one of the country's biggest businessmen revealed what many already suspected: that the JBS group, one of the largest Brazilian business groups, was built on a system of corruption with politicians from various spheres and that the President of the republic was aware of this fact, considering normal this disastrous system that contributes heavily to the delay of the development of Brazil.


And we can not think that we are facing superficial accusations from political groups in opposition to president Michel Temer or false information published by the media. What we have is the confession of the owners of the business group, with videos and audio recordings made with the approval of the Brazilian prosecutors and Federal Police. It is a very serious situation that can not be denied.


Despite all the disappointment with a large part of the Brazilian politicians, there is also a feeling of comfort because we know that there is a group of professionals who do not accept the Brazil’s state of “kleptocracy”. And it is thanks to the hard and brave work of these professionals that we see important names from the political and business scene being cast in the group of criminals who deserve many years in prison.


It is revolting to see the image that is being made of Brazil, abroad, as a country of thieves. This is not true. Brazil is a country of honest and hardworking people who pay billions in taxes every year hoping to see the country to improve. Much of the country's population is made up of humble people, who find happiness in the little things in life. The people of Brazil deserve the respect of the political ruling class. The suffering of the population with the absence of good public services due to the diversion of public funds must stop. Brazil is a rich country, but unfortunately its wealth is being diverted by a group of businessmen and criminal politicians that needs to be detained.


Let's hope that in the next few days this indefinite situation regarding the future of President Michel Temer's government comes to an end and that Brazil returns once again to the path of social and economic growth without corruption.

Yours sincerely,

Pedro Paulo Moreira
THE GUIDE Business Consultancy