Ambassador of Barbados in Brazil, Mrs. Yvette Goddard

The ambassador of Barbados in Brazil, Mrs. Yvette Goddard, received on November 29th,  dozens of guests to celebrate the national day of her country. 

From left: Mr. Glen Arthur Antrobus, Civil Attaché, and Miss Resa Andrea Layne, First Secretary of the Embassy of Barbados, also were greeted by the guests.

The lively event took place at Clube Naval de Brasília, a beautiful place where the social hall is located on the banks of Paronoá Lake in Brasilia. Among the guests there were foreign ambassadors, diplomats, Brazilian government officials, businessmen and personalities from the Brazilian society. 

Beautiful images of Barbados were projected on a screen placed in one of the club's social halls. Guests also enjoyed a drink tasting of typical drinks of Barbados, promoted by the embassy. 

After the arrival of all, the military band played the anthems of Brazil and Barbados. The ambassador then delivered a speech highlighting the growth of her country's relations with Brazil. After the speech, ambassador Goddard proposed a toast praising the friendship of Barbados and Brazil.

After the speech, a beautiful surprise was announced for everyone: the prize draw that included a basket with products and beverages of Barbados and also round-trip airfares tickets to that beautiful country.

Lucky guests received gifts in a draw organized by the Embassy of Barbados.


In an atmosphere of joy and happiness, everyone fraternized and tasted a beautiful cake of celebration of such an important date. Ambassador Yvette Goddard and embassy diplomats from Barbados were congratulated for the success of the event. 

Ambassador of Barbados, Mrs. Yvette Goddard, and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

The wonderful desserts and the celebration cake of the national day of Barbados.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Barbados for its National Day!


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