Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Dirk Loncke, and ambassadress Chérine Loncke-Touma

The Belgian Embassy celebrated its National Day on July 21, when ambassador Dirk Loncke welcomed hundreds of guests for a big party.




The beautiful clear night was perfect for the success of the event, which took place in the social halls and open air areas of the embassy.


 Banners about the national day were displayed at the event

Ambassadors, diplomats, Brazilian government officials, executives from national and foreign companies, intellectuals and personalities from the society of Brasília congratulated Ambassador Dirk Loncke, his wife and diplomats from that beautiful country.











Ambassador Dirk Loncke, seen here with Mr. Percio Mello, Sales Mangager of Meliã Brasil 21 hotel, and his wife.


After the arrival of the guests, the national anthems of Brazil and Belgium were played, followed by the speech of the ambassador giving emphasis in the relations of friendship between Belgium and Brazil. The ambassador made a toast celebrating the national date, then a fireworks show took place, much admired by the guests, which gave it a round of warm applauses.






The celebration kept on going with music played by talented musicians invited to the event.








The guests congregated and enjoyed gastronomic attractions of Belgium, such as the traditional chocolate and the famous French fries.






Ambassador Dirk Loncke was praised by the guests for the unforgettable night that celebrated the National Day of Belgium.

 Ambassador Dirk Loncke and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultacy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.








THE GUIDE congratulates the Belgian embassy for its national day!


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