Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Dimitri Alexandrakis


Celebrating the War of Independence of 1821, March 25th is the National Day of Greece. To celebrate this date, the Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Dimitri Alexandrakis, received dozens of guests for  a Vernissage at the Embassy, located in the Setor de Embaixadas Sul (South Embassy Sector) in Brasília. The exhibition presents the work of Mr. D’Anestis, a Brazilian painter from the state of Minas Gerais with roots in Greece.

The painter, Mr. D'Anestis


Among the guests there were ambassadors, diplomats, Brazilian government officials, Brazilian businessmen and members of the society of Brasilia.

From left, the Ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Nasrullah Khan, the Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. André Regli and the Ambassador of Croatia, Dr. Drago Stambuk


From right, the Ambassador of India, Mr. Ashok Tomar, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Raja A. Edirisuriya and Mr. Marino Zanetti, member of Brasília's Bar Association

The Ambassador of League of Arab States, Mr. Bachar Yaghi (left) and the Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Ljubomir Milic 

The Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Dimitri Alexandraki (left) and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira 


The launch of the exhibition was also to celebrate the Greek Presidency of the European Union, which runs from January 1 to June 30 2014. Greece is one of the oldest member-countries of the European Union, having become the 10th member in 1981.

The Ambassador of Tanzania, Mr. Francis Malambugi (left) and the Ambassador of Zimbabwe, Mr. Thomas S. Bvuma 

The Ambassador of Canada, Mr. Jamal Khokhar (left) and the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Mr. Kees Rade 

Mrs. Elinor Moren and Mr. Luiz Carlos Costa, Representatives of Casa Thomas Jefferson

After the guests arrival, the Ambassador Dimitri Alexandrakis gave a speech thanking the presence of the guests and emphasizing the Greek Presidency of the European Union, the good relations with Brazil and the launching of the exhibition of the work of D'Anestis, inspired by the beautiful, sublime, timeless art of Ancient Greece. His speech was applauded by all guests.

 After the speech, Ambassador Dimitri Alexandrakis invited everyone to go to the social halls of the embassy, where other works of D’Anestis were been exhibited.

The Minister Counselor of Belarus, Mr. Viktor Pshenko (left) and the Minister Counselor of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Tokmakov 

From left, the Ambassador of Kenya, Mr. Peter Kaberia, the Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Dimitri Alexandrakis and the Ambassador of Burundi, Mr. Gaudence Sindayigaya

Miss Alena Peplova, Miss Katerina Kazakova and Miss Irina Ivanova


The guests complimented D’Anestis for his beautiful work and thanked the Ambassador Alexandrakis for the organization of such a pleasant event. 


The exhibition of paintings by D'Anestis can be visited at the Embassy of Greece until April 4 2014, from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The address is SES, Av das Nações, Quadra 805, Lote 22, Asa Sul, Brasília DF.




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