The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jiří Havlík and ambassadress Hana Havlíková received dozens of guests to the celebration of the National Day of their country, which happened on October 27, 2016.

The guests were welcomed in the social halls of Porto Vittoria Espaço de Eventos in Setor de Clubes Sul (South Clubs Sector) of Brasilia. The guests also socialized in the open air areas of the site and among them there were Ambassadors, Brazilian government officials, diplomats, businessmen and personalities of Brasiliense society.

An exhibition of photographs by Oldrich Skacha, was assembled in the main hall. The beautiful works were highly appreciated by the guests. 

The anthems of Brazil, Czech Republic and the European Union were sung by a professional singer, after the arrival of the guests. Then, the ambassador of Czech Republic, Mr. Jiří Havlík, made a speech thanking the presence of all and emphasizing the friendly relations between his country and Brazil. 

A toast for the good relations of Czech Republic and Brazil.

After the speech, members of the Embassy of the Czech Republic thanked the Ambassador for his excellent work as Head of Mission and a beautiful song was sung in his honor, applauded by all.

The guests then continued the lively celebration with lots of fellowship and joy. Ambassador Jiří Havlík and other diplomats and attachés of the Embassy of Czech Republic were cumpllimented for the success of the event.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of the Czech Republic for its National Day!


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