Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Ali Kaya Savut, and his beautiful daughter, Miss Ipek Savut.

On October 25th 2017, the Turkish Embassy held a large celebration for the National Date of that country, when Ambassador Ali Kaya Savut received hundreds of guests at the official residence, located in the Setor de Embaixadas Sul.

Upon arrival, the guests appreciated the beautiful lighting of the embassy building, with the provision of a large flag of Turkey. In the same property is located the official residence and in the main entrance, the ambassador, diplomats and attachés of Turkey received the greetings of all. 

The beautiful fraternization had quality music by a talented musical group and took place in the social halls and in the open air areas of the official residence. Among the guests there were ambassadors, diplomats and foreign attachés, Brazilian diplomats and authorities of the Brazilian government, businessmen, intellectuals and members of the Brazilian society.

President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira (left) and Mr. Gisbert Verse.

Defense Attaché of Turkey, Mr. Sukru Muslu, seen here with Defense Attaché of Nigeria, Mr. Ali, welcomed with the ambassador of Turkey all the military attachés at the event.

A big screen was installed in the pool area and the guests enjoyed images of that beautiful country. 

The anthems of Brazil and Turkey were played and then Ambassador Ali Kaya Savut gave a speech highlighting the importance of Turkey's national date and the growing relations between his country and Brazil, including the development of trade, tourism and education . His words received the applause of all and a show with fireworks began.

Then, all were invited to taste typical Turkish dishes, as well as the traditional Kebab, a success in the event.

The guests fraternized under a mood of joy in the various settings beautifully decorated for that unforgettable event. 

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Turkey for its National Day!

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