The Embassy of Uruguay received hundreds of guests on August 25 to celebrate the National Day of its country.

Ambassador Carlos Amorim

The Uruguayan Ambassador, Mr. Carlos Amorim, received the  guests in the social halls and in the open air areas of the embassy. The anthems of Brazil and Uruguay were played after the arrival of the guests and then the ambassador made a welcome speech to all. A huge screen was installed in the yard and beautiful images of Uruguay were shown to everyone.

After the speech, Ambassador Carlos Amorim invited the guests to enjoy a traditional Uruguayan barbecue. Among the guests there were foreign diplomats and attachés, Brazilian government officials, businessmen and members of Brasilia’s society.

Ambassadors and diplomats from many countries were at the event.

The pleasant event had a great fraternization mood and the guests congratulated the Ambassador Carlos Amorim and the Uruguayans diplomats and attachés for the success of the event.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Uruguayan Embassy for its National Day!

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